Gravitating towards balance for MANIAMANIA

Gravitation and balance, magnetism, pull, perfect celestial perfection. The joy of predictability, the joy of seasons and the night and the day. There is a Native American story about two lovers who meet each other in the sky as the night turns to morning and as the day turns to night. They dance and kiss, together embracing the seconds of their union only to be pulled apart once again as the dusk silently heralds in the dark blanket of celestial stars and planets - and the dawn's aurora burst forth in a celebration of the fullness of light. Yet they wait eagerly for those precious moments of passion and love making, and grieve their separation, only to be gloriously united again and again and again from the beginning of time till the end of time. This precious story is not just about the longing to be held in our beloveds embrace or the way to simply explain the rising and the setting of sun and the moon, but rather it exemplifies the perfect balance that exists in our heavens and in the cosmos and the joy in the predicable nature which is balance.

We are magnetized from a deep primordial part of us and called to embrace all facets of light, which in this case comes with the heralding of spring.

In the spring we experience the bursting forth of a multitude of flowers, wattle, jasmine, jonquils and daffodils, the list seems almost endless. Many are buried deep in the earth, resting, waiting for the inner rustling that calls them suddenly to awaken. Their fragrance then dances around us, we almost cannot get away from their magical, silent, aromatic messages, calling us to wake up from our own hibernation... it is time to expand and move outward into the Light. We are magnetized from a deep primordial part of us and called to embrace all facets of light, which in this case comes with the heralding of spring. Oh, what thanks we have when the moon rises and sets and when the sun warms us after winter. What delight we experience in the rising and falling of the tides and even in the constant nature of a day, of a night and of all seasons. We celebrate the constant nature of nature and breathe a sigh of relief as all things have a perfect order. This reflection we have in our external world creates the internal balance we need for good health, happy relationships and the grounding so necessary for our ability to cope with the noisy world that most of us live in. As we ground and truly experience the in and out breath that our earth provides for us, we can often at times, find the stress of the day leaves us and the grief of our lives can have some relief. A simple practice of grounding and balance will restore you and will create a sort of mindfulness contemplation and as Abraham states, a cellular relief. In doing this you will automatically begin to connect to the magnificent Balance that is in you. We may think of ourselves as spontaneous gypsies but when it comes down to it even a true gypsy wants the balance of nature because she is all about the reflection in nature, which is balanced and complete. The gypsies that do not have balance find their lives difficult and unpredictable and though there is an initial sexiness about it, after a while this soon wears thin. What was once delightful soon feels stale, as a rhythm is required to make money, recuperate, dance, tell stories around an open fire and find time for the ones they love. The gypsy eventually requires her feet to be connected and rooted into the earth. She wants to experience stability and the cocoon that comes with an understanding of balance. She longs for the unseen and yet tangible marriage to the unified field of Spirit consciousness and thus balance.

The addiction many of us have to the drama ceases to entice when we find a kind of delightful harmonious dance in the natural rhythms that are reflected everywhere.

As we ourselves seek out and create balance we find that our world can be more peaceful and less dramatic. The addiction many of us have to the drama ceases to entice when we find a kind of delightful harmonious dance in the natural rhythms that are reflected everywhere, including our health. Our heart beats in a glorious balanced rhythm and the organs of our bodies are in balance, creating great health and vitality. Our times of menstruation are timed with a balance. This life we lead can be outrageous, sometimes... we have jet travel, fast cars, rich foods and many have multitudes of sexual partners to name just a few modern day excesses. We wonder why we feel so pushed and pulled and so disconnected to our Spirit lives. Well, simply put, we are disconnected, as we have no idea what our natural state of balance actually is. As you reconnect to the breath and the "still silent voice" that is in you as Spirit, maybe through meditation, contemplation and prayer, you discover and connect to your true self and as such Source Consciousness. At first we might find this desire for balance and the resulting exploration, to be vaporous- A kind of curious, almost unnatural sensation. As soon as we let nature be our teacher, recalibrating to actually seeing the earth, seasons, cosmos and universal consciousness as balance, we naturally find balance in our lives, and it is a sensation that enriches us. Alignment to Universal consciousness is profound and creates absolute balance. When we align to the knowledge that we are Spirit in physical form, then we are truly balanced. In brief, this understanding creates healing on all levels, including, in your body and in your emotional lives. True experiential balance will even allow you to create the world you want to live in. This may include abundance on all levels and fulfilling significant relationships. Being reminded of the ultimate balance and our deepest, truest, connection to Spirit, in nature and the celestial cosmos is a celebration in enlightenment. Seek out these awakenings. 

Written by Sanna Purinton



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