Sanna was always immersed in Spirit matters whilst she was growing up - though her bloodline had predetermined this exploration and expansion, perhaps even before she knew it was so. Through birth she inherited a gift.

On her mothers side there was shamanic Inca and Mapuche ancestry; this bloodline was physical and spiritual. Her mother was a free thinker, a psychic and a seeker of Spiritual matters. On her fathers side there were Spiritual explorers, human rights advocates, revolutionaries and innovators.

Growing up on the island of Oahu; the rich energy of the land was tangible. She fell deeply and profoundly in love with Spirit at 6 years old; her parents, early advocates of Transcendental Meditation. She herself started at 8 years old.


Through her own lifelong journey into the Work and expansion into Spirit she is equipped to assist others on their spiritual path. 


When it comes to her one-on-one work, she receives much of her information from my Spirit Guides, channelling profound information and healing techniques to her clients and students. She was born with certain gifts genetically offered to her, one of which is her gift as empath, offering a valuable road map to her clients and their ultimate healing.