Understanding Fear

Fear holds a curious place in most peoples minds. Some in the spirit consciousness community have suggested that there are only two emotions; either fear or love. This sets up a duality and a sense of separation between the two very differing emotions or we could call them sensations or energies. Perhaps some may feel that fear is a bit like sinning and separating from God (who is indeed love).

So it would seem that they would suggest, if you experience fear you may not be experiencing love and vice versa. This makes me curious, as it would mean that love is not a constant energy - I think it is, as I equate love to Source Consciousness or God (which is clearly a constant). Therefore, love is 'always and forever' and 'never ever fleeting' which is exactly what the sensation of fear is; fleeting, unstable and changeable.

Fear is, (as I see it), a sensation, whereas love is an energy. Sensations shift whilst the love energy is constant.

Often you can use the word love to describe a romantic need or a physical attachment to someone or something. However, true endless love is somehow super natural and sublime and is never as diminutive as fear.

By exploring deeply, discovering the core of fear you can (and do) move through the diminished sensations that you equate to fear and thus arrive at the fullness of a new heightened experience of expansion. Fear asks a question. The question is, how can this small collapsed sensation become expansive? How can this painful feeling be transformed through the emotions, the mind and the body? What could you do to work though the feeling and at last, leave 'that' fear?

Fear is a great teacher and in some cases a great transformer. This is the gift that fear offers. If you constantly go down the same road of fear because of the same repetitive situation and never learn what the fear wants to show you, that could be hell. You can honestly feel fear and use it for the catapult into love.

Flag the sensation of fear and recognize it as it presents itself to you within your body and also in your mind. What does it really feel like in your emotions? When it arises you can, (with self enquiry and deeply questioning) allow'it' to reveal a truth about yourself. You can use the fear for awakening and let it be part of your healing journey.

You can let fear awaken you from your limited self and open you into the life which recognizes your unquestionable connection to Spirit.

This is a gift of fear and oh what a gift it is.