Energy, the foundation of your Spiritual awareness

All is energy

The understanding that all is energy is the foundation of building your Spiritual awareness.

A long time ago I was introduced to the book called The Course in Miracles. It espoused that just a thought which was not loving or caring about another person or situation sent out a wave of energy towards that person which would impact them negativity and also you, - the sender. Conversely there was the suggestion that if we sent out loving energy to people and our world we will be creating the world we desire. This is because We are connecting to true Spirit by connecting to the love and non-judgement within ourselves. It is energy in flow.

This is left quite an imprint on my consciousness and was unforgettable because I had to learn to be impeccable with my word and my thoughts  It caused me to question my hidden and perhaps secret energy attitudes I sent out. Whether to another person or in self judgement to myself.

Energy is a constant, whether we see it our not there is an impact.

This small yet potent law, when explored, will begin to unfold in your life though inquisition.

As a teacher one of the very first tenets I share, is that, you must personally explore energy on all levels opening into the possibility that energy (though silent,) is a powerful force which speaks to us constantly. It is sort of a code that we can become aware of and harness for our own Spiritual transformation.

There is a man whose name is Emoto Masuro, who photographed frozen water crystals. It was an experiment he conducted by "informing" the water through meditation or one particular thought. For example; he would offer the water love by informing it with the word love, then freeze the water and photograph it under a very strong microscope. There would be a particular crystallized form which would be different from other informed water, so 'anger' informed water crystals would look extremely different from 'joy', or 'family' and 'peace'. This exemplified how something, seemingly inert actually has tremendous energy.

Consider water that is filtered though mountains and meanders as a stream - what could this water's energy hold? Perhaps this energy could heal or at least hold the energy of the mountains and streams that is was filtered through, Maybe causing positive feelings.

Emoto's discovery with water is not only around the element of water but this awareness is around the energy of all things including art, metals, plastics, crystals, houses, countries and everything we see and everything that is in our lives.

Knowing this will help us become aware of Spirit in all things. Spirit is the constant.

If our bodies are made of about 78% water, as is our earth, what if we informed the water in our body and our earth, with the energy of love and happiness, what might occur?

So next time you drink some water send it love and be aware that it is very well imbued with spirit and the next time you dust pan up some dust, notice that it too holds energy...

We are all energy - we are all Spirit in physical form.