A New Years Gift - 45 Minute Session

A New Years Gift - 45 Minute Session


WELCOME 2018. (2+0+1+8 = 11)

To welcome 2018 into your life I am offering a unique session to you and your Beloveds. 

As many of you know, each year holds a particular vibration. 2018 holds within it the numerological value of 11. This is a Master Number and the vibration of the Divine Masculine. This year we will be called to be clear about who we are and what we offer to the planet.  

In 2018, we may desire to reground and discover more about what makes us tick. It may seem like a very practical year from the outside, so we may find we want to complete tasks; get that book written, get that album recorded, shed those unwanted kilos, move house, build a business and make it thrive. 

This year asks us to create the YES for ourself and this is the year that you can be heard loud and clear saying that resounding YES. 

It is a powerful year for all of us to be open to WHO WE ARE. We do this through opening our hearts and recognising our connection to Spirit.

So with that being said, this year my team and I want to offer a little incentive for you and your friends to gain you some clarity and insight to move forward in 2018 and beyond. 

This gift from me to you comes in the way of a 45 minute PHONE or SKYPE valid for the month of December and January.

This is the time to be grounded, expansive and to manifest who you are and what you want. 


Session is 45 minutes

The session will offer you an insight to help you move forward in this new year. Please come with questions and let’s dive into this New Year with direction, courage and of course love.

This may be offered as a gift for your friends and family or you may also purchase this special session for yourself.

Hard copy vouchers are available upon request and postage will take 5 working days. 

Terms & Conditions:

This may not be used in conjunction with any other packages.

To be used in the month of December and January 

Valid for 45 minute PHONE or SKYPE session

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